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Creative Direction, Graphic Design, Web Design, & Photography

Cascade Greenery

While working at Cafeteria Creative, I was tasked with the Cascade Greenery brand design and E-Commerce website launch that aimed to bring a new brand and set of products (artificial living walls) to the AG Holdings artificial turf lineup. As the lead creative, I coordinated with a team of designers, copywriters, and marketing professionals to conceptualize and execute a comprehensive brand and effective website for their e-commerce endeavors.


Cascade Greenery Brand & E-Commerce Website Launch


Creative Direction
Graphic Design
Web Design

Approach and  Execution

Brand Discovery

We conducted an in-depth research on the company’s target market, competitors, and industry trends. Gained insights into Cascade Greenery’s unique selling points and brand personality.

Concept Development

Collaborated closely to brainstorm concepts that captured the essence of the vision for Cascade Greenery. Explored various design directions, typography, color palettes, and imagery that aligned with the desired brand perception.

Visual Identity

Developed a new logo and visual style guide that communicated the brand’s values of affordable luxury and nature inspired beauty. Crafted a modern and versatile visual identity system that could be adapted across different mediums.

Collateral Design

Oversaw the creation of collateral materials, including business cards, print material, and brand guidelines. Ensured consistency and adherence to the new brand identity while optimizing for both digital and print applications.

Digital Presence

Designed and built a responsive website that showcased Cascade Greenery’s products in a way that allowed consumers to visualize themselves using them. Worked closely with the operations and warehouse team to ensure seamless user experience and online order responsiveness.


Oversaw and planned product installation photoshoots and product photography as well as photo edits.

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